Early alerts save lives and infastructure.

The CMAS system provides governments the ability to send location based targeted alerts to the general public, without requiring anything from their citizens. The public's privacy is protected at all times and the CMAS system uses the present infrastructure for its delivery methods. The system is 100% compatible with all existing wireless carriers' networks and their subscribers' mobile handsets. With CMAS's multiple delivery methods, the system not only works harmoniously with the wireless carriers' network today, but also anticipates future migrations to more advanced broadband networks and mobile devices.

The CMAS team of engineers and business professionals have decades of experience in the international market-place. It is their priority to work with your government agencies to implement a general public mobile emergency notification system that is the most cost effective tool for saving lives and protecting property.

Location  Based  Alerts

CMAS gives you the ability to send an alert to any area where there is a pending emergency or to an area where you want to inform people as to where they should or should not go.

CMAS mapping is designed for you to have complete control and flexibility over your targeted area. You will have the ability to select an area and send an alert. Then as circumstances change you can reselect that same area or expand the same selected area or select a completely different area and send more alerts.

CMAS gives you the capability of not only reaching those individuals in your metropolitan areas, but also the most remote rural township where cellular is often the only means of communication.

CMAS Alerts
  • Natural Disasters
  • Medical Alerts
  • Aftermath Alerts
  • First Responders
  • Security Alerts
  • Abduction Alerts

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    The CMAS system
    utilizes passive monitoring techniques to maintain a relational database of mobile numbers and
    towers IDs to perform the geographically target alert functions. The alert delivery methods consist of a combination of existing SMS capabilities and Internet deliveries where the wireless networks and mobile handsets allow.