Natural Disasters

CMAS can be effectively used to warn the public in cases of dangerous fires, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, floods, landslides and tsunamis… any inclement weather or natural disaster event that people need to be alerted of. When people need critical information there is no other alerting system that can get it to them as quickly and efficiently as CMAS.

Medical Alerts

CMAS is the most effective way of alerting the public of a possible medical emergency as well as alerting them to get their H1N1 Influenza vaccines. Any medical or health emergency will be lessened by the alerting technology of CMAS

Aftermath Alerts

After every natural disaster the need to alert people as to where to go to find water, food and shelter is paramount. Sometimes more deaths and injuries occur after a natural disaster than they do during the disaster. CMAS is vital after every natural disaster.

First Responders

First Responders face a variety of emergencies for which they require the public’s immediate notification. These can be events such as massive traffic accidents, hazardous material spills, forest fires, or any number of other emergencies which they encounter from time to time. First Responders quickly need the public’s cooperation so that they may perform the dangerous task at hand and keep people out of harm’s way.

Security Alerts

CMAS can be utilized to enhance security at Airports, Port Authority, Border Crossing, Customs and Law Enforcement personnel. Authorized Users will have access to a modifiable database of cellular numbers for personnel tasked with security at high profile locations, (i.e. Airports), or special events, (Soccer events).

Abduction Alerts

Critical time for abductions is the first 24 hours. CMAS gives law enforcement the ability to send details about the missing person and the abductor. CMAS can help save a life.
CMAS US PATENT NO. 7,617,287 | CANADIAN PATENT NO. 2,430,344 | PCT/US2011/059547